Buyer Questions

How do I find out about new listings?

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When we work together, we will determine how often you want to receive information. Some clients want to hear about a new listing the minute it hits the market; others want a weekly update of available properties. That’s sometimes a reflection of the current real estate market (and how quickly homes are selling), and sometimes a reflection of your personality and the pace at which you want to move through the process.

You have the choice of hearing about new listings either by text, email, through an app, or even by “snail mail”, or phone. Clients using email or the app can receive automatic updates from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) just minutes after the inventory has been placed in the MLS.

Can you provide information on homes listed by other companies?

Absolutely! As a member of the MLS, I have access to information on all listed properties. Because some properties have more than one MLS in their service area, it’s important to determine which MLS an agent subscribes to.

What if I find a property on my own?

With the advent of the internet, many buyers have been searching for – and finding – the home of their dreams online. It’s fun to search from the comfort of your living room! However, once you’ve identified a property of interest, please contact me immediately so we can make arrangements to see the home together. It is never appropriate for you to contact the seller of the home directly, either to ask questions about the home or to ask to see the home. And since I am working as your buyer’s agent, it’s also not appropriate for you to contact the listing agent directly. Simply touch base with me, and I’ll get all your questions answered and/or schedule a showing of the home at a time that’s convenient for you.

Can I go to open houses without you?

Yes! As a courtesy, please identify yourself to the agent that’s holding the open house as one of my clients. This is particularly important when you visit new construction sites. In those cases, if I am not with you at your first visit, I may be unable to represent you should you decide to purchase a home in that community. If you’re not sure, just give me a call first and I can check on this for you. I can also give you business cards to present to another agent.

Seller Questions:

What is a “Listing Agreement”?

Who pays the buyer’s agent?

The seller is responsible for paying the listing commission on the home—the listing office and agent then split that commission with the buyer’s agent and office. Commissions are typically paid only at closing, out of the proceeds of the sale of your home.

What type of information will you need from me?

To do the best job for you, I will need the best information you can provide.  This would include such things as:

•             your financial goals regarding the sale of your home

•             flexibility in accepting terms and conditions

•             preferred timing for a sale

•             disclosure as to any defects the property may have

•             details about the positive aspects of the home

Can’t I just sell my house by myself?

Of course.  Historically, many sellers have sold their homes as For Sale By Owners (FSBOs).  Back in the day, buyers would get in their cars and drive around for hours on end to locate a property.  With the advent of the internet, Multiple Listing Services (MLS’s) and real estate websites are the ultimate source of property information.  However, MLS sites are available only to the real estate agents who subscribe to them.  Having your home listed by a real estate agent vastly increases your visibility in the marketplace. 

What if a buyer approaches me directly?

Please refer them to me.  I would be happy to make arrangements to show them your home.  If they have any interest in moving forward with an offer, I can them put them in the hands of a good agent who can help them prepare an offer. 

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